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1. Podium Walker Standard Win/Mac $99.00 (Each)$74.25 (Each)$69.30 (Each)$59.40 (Each)$49.50 (Each)

1. Podium Walker Standard Win/Mac
1. Podium Walker Standard Win/Mac Podium Walker is a photo-realistic, real-time, animations plug-in for SketchUp that allows for quick photo-real visualization and video animations. It uses ray tracing and ambient occlusion to create and works entirely inside SketchUp and with SU Podium. It will render SU Podium reflections, refractions, bumps, omni lights and LEM lights. You can use items from Podium Browser directly. Windows and Mac.

Please download and test the trial version here -http://podiumwalker.com/pw-downloads.php to make sure Podium Walker works for. Podium Walker is a 64 bit application.
PW Standard is NOT the same as Podium Walker Iray GPU rendering version.
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1. Podium Walker Standard Win/Mac $99.00
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